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About Us

Dinamik Pano carries out its activities in a production area of ​​4.000 m² in Alemdağ Industrial Zone. It specializes in metal sheet processing products and services especially Generator enclousures, base and control panels among many other products. 


Dinamik pano engages in One Stop Shopping Concept which allows our clients to focus only on the product preferences and specifications, we will do the rest of full procurement, development, manufacturing, quality check and logistics handling. Fulfilling the requirements of ISO 9001 standards, Dinamik Pano continues to grow regularly every year.


Thanks to the successful sales and marketing strategies it pursues both in Turkey and abroad, it has become the main supplier in many of the countries it exports to, with its quality and after-sales services, Dynamic Pano, which continues to work in a way to carry its quality and customer satisfaction to the next level, allocates a significant part of its production to foreign projects. To countries such as Germany, England, Spain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Algeria, Hungary, Iraq, South Africa, Morocco and Egypt.


Having a wide range of products for all requirements related to generators canopies chassis and control panels, Dinamilk Pano; manufactures engineering-based and customer-oriented standard and custom-designed products. In this context, the fields of activity in the product range are as follows.


Generator Canopies, chassis and accessories

Electric panels

Free Standing Panels

Outdoor Free Standing Enclosures

Storage Systems


Rack Cabinets

Battery Cabinets

UPS Cabinets

Telecom Cabins

Special Design Products

Other products that can be obtained by metal sheet processing




In the sector in which it operates, Dinamik Pano manufactures in line with the demands of its customers, by meeting the world standards together with its advanced machinery and experienced staff, by keeping the satisfaction of our customers in the foreground without harming the environment and nature.




The vision is to become a reliable and strong brand that has a say in its sector, produces quality products, invests in R&D and people, by growing gradually in its country and abroad. Dinamik Pano, which constantly renews itself according to the developing and constantly changing market conditions, will always do the best with all  the services offered to the customers which meets their requests and demands.